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Rewatch: 1.04, The West Coast Delay


Honestly, I can't imagine writing in a big group like that. I guess I'm too much of a loner.

Why HASN'T Matt done a Jordan sketch, anyway?

They're big on passing laptops around. Shouldn't they just IM or e-mail? Or, hey, use a shared Google Doc! Everyone can edit it at once!

I love this Matt/Harriet scene. (Well, I love most Matt/Harriet scenes, but.)

Wait, did she really not know about the number? I never got a sense of whether that was true.

"Are we done?" "I'm certain we're not." And this, my friends, is why I ship Matt/Harriet.

"This is funny." Aww. He's so bewildered! Someone other than him wrote something funny!

Act One:

"What would possess me to marry him, do you suppose, and did I not have a friend who would tackle me to the ground on my way down the aisle?" Aww, poor Jordan.

The whole Martha O'Dell thing vaguely annoyed me but I'm not sure why. She's supposedly based on Sorkin's ex Maureen Dowd, right?

Why ARE everybody always in Harry's dressing room, anyway? Don't they have their own?

"He only has conversations when he gets to write what everyone else says too." Hee! And I think this is one of the lines taken from Kristin Chenoweth.

"Strictly speaking, I've never needed a special reason to have trouble writing, but, uh, what's you're point?" Oh, Matt. I have to say, as much as my heart is and always will be Danny's, I wouldn't exactly turn Matt down either.

This whole thing got me curious about Strindberg. I got this play from the library but haven't read it yet. I'll post about it when I do.

You're right, Tom does seem really young.

"This isn't about me." "It really is." This Matt/Tom thing seemed very Sports Night.

WHERE'S DANNY, by the way?

It's rather endearing how Matt has all these scantily clad women kissing him and still pretty much just wants Harriet.

Yes, Matthew, this is very lame.

Act Two:

I sort of thought this "New Shoes" song was later than this. Huh.

Danny! There he is! With glasses! Yay! But seriously, we're 17 minutes in and this is the first we've seen of him. I think that counts as criminal underutilization of Bradley Whitford.

This is where I started contemplating the Jordan/Danny relationship as somehow the inverse of Josh/Donna. It's still boss/employee but the roles are switched. hmm.

The drug thing is funny. "It's not happening here." Okay then! But seriously, does Jordan not have enough to stress about?

What's with Danny and the really long stapler thing? I am choosing to believe that he is nervous and flustered around Jordan, and the stapler thing is his outlet for that.

I love Danny cuing Matt from behind Martha. And Matt knows enough to go along with what Danny wants and trust he'll get an explanation later.

Cute interchange: "We need her more than she needs us." "I know how much you love being in that position."

Matt has to make something funny happen... and crash! Totally predictable but still hilarious. "Well, you're the best." Indeed he is.

Oh, Matt, you're not obsessed. Not at all. Just memorizing baseball stats.

What does Danny say after Simon asks "Stiletto boot?" I couldn't hear.

Random: The actor who plays Darren Wells is now on Raising the Bar with Jane Kaczmarek.

So Matt made the Dean's List every semester! He didn't miss it two semesters, like someone else we know! Hee.

"What the hell kind of mind works on a Juliette Lewis impression?" "Same kind that takes it and puts it in Tim Russert's chair." Oh, Matt and Harriet are destined to be together and Danny knows it.

This scene with Jordan's assistant was kind of creepy. I guess when anyone goes into an empty parking garage I assume they're going to be attacked or something.

Oh, poor neurotic Matt.

Danny reacting to Martha watching him is great. He's really good at physical comedy. I know that's sort of obvious, but I felt the need to state it, because usually I'm all about how good he is at serious stuff.

Aaand here we go with the plagiarism story.

I didn't note where the act change occurred. Maybe here? Anyway.

"One of the Bombshell Babies gave me some really good advice." "I dare you to say that sentence again." Aww.

The scene with Matt and Darren is marvelously awkward.

Once again, Danny is the moral center holding everyone together.

I like how Jordan closes Martha's laptop, and Martha contributes to the "get a new audience" fund.

Danny points out that they keep the satellite in outer space. Hee. Love the teasing.

I love Cal here. I love Cal in general, and I don't say it enough.

Bradley Whitford should totally slam people into walls more often, because it's really hot. Just saying.

Rick and Ron almost seem like decent guys here!

The thing with the cricket game is fun but I don't really get why they have to prove it's live.

No one told Harry what's going on?

Act Four:

I don't really know much about Juliette Lewis. This would probably be funnier if I did.

Thanks for the recap, Danny! So if Matt didn't start in TV, I wonder where he started? As a playwright? Sorkin said Brad and Matt came up with a whole history for the characters that was never mentioned on the show. I wish we knew what that was.

Danny and Martha have a nice dynamic.

Everyone's trying to take responsibility for the mistake. Even Danny.

"And Harry? Isn't Matt's psycho obsession with you problematic enough for us without you making out with baseball players in front of him?"

The bit with Simon and Harriet at the desk and people fussing with their clothes and stuff is very Sports Night.

Reverend Tillinghouse? Really? I think it sounds a little too much like Chillingworth or something. Not that he's the minister. I don't know. Nevermind. I guess I'm saying it sounds like something out of Hawthorne.

"See, there's more that unites us than divides us." Hee. If I wasn't so big on Matt/Harriet I might ship Simon/Harriet.

I like Jordan in the room with Cal. (I almost typed "Danny." Oops. Wrong show.)

Interesting that Matt didn't try to get any of the other writers to tell him who it was.

"Now you've got my respect." Aww.

And they're going in again! This whole thing did rather strain credulity, but it was fun.

Danny adds -y to all names, it seemed. Cally? Ronny? He does it with everyone. Except Jordan.

"Get Jordan a drink." No, the baby! Yes, I know he doesn't know about the baby yet.

"This is not the comedy we intended to do when the week began."


Jul. 18th, 2009 05:49 am (UTC)
1. I'm not sure if Martha is based on Maureen Dowd or not, but I wouldn't be surprised...Sorkin likes to create characters from his own experiences. I always thought Mandy and Amy in TWW were partially based on Dowd.

2. What is the deal with the lack of Danny? It's just wrong for him to be missing for a third of the episode!

3. I agree that Danny is nervous around Jordan. I wanted to reach into the TV and take that stapler away from him. I also think he uses a little misdirection here when he says she looks awful.

4. If I'm thinking of the correct scene, Danny says "I miss nothing." He's proud of the fact that he knows everything that goes on in the building.

5. I thought the parking garage scene was kind of creepy, too. Why did they choose this location? At first I thought maybe her assistant had some other information and was going to try to blackmail her.

6. Sorkin used the name Tillinghouse in TWW also...in Five Votes Down. The character was a Congressman from Texas. (No, I did not know that off the top of my head, I had to look it up.)

7. I'm not sure why they need to prove the show is live on the West Coast, but I've heard of shows doing that before. There isn't a Sports Night storyline like this, is there?

8. No, the baby! Yes, I know he doesn't know about the baby yet.
I don't think she knows she's pregnant yet, either. How far along would she be now? About 4 weeks? There's an episode coming up where she gets drunk.


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